Thursday, February 8, 2007

Week 2 Pop-up Map

My Real: The fact I’m living in Philadelphia, and studying at Temple Main campus.

To show this “real”, I put my mails and resident ID of my dorm and covered those with map of Philadelphia which printed on tracing paper. Both my mails and ID clearly defines where I am now. But translucence map represent that I’m temporally living in Philly. My existence in Philly is not definite. I will disappear form this city some day.

My labyrinth: As I posted before, form reading and movie, I understood that labyrinth as a place where different time and place intersect.

I printed various images from Google earth on transparency paper and layout those as a pop up part of my map, so that it shows the layers of different places intersect together.
These are the photograph taken in different time, thus it also shows that different time intersecting at one point.

This pop up let you to go into any interspaces between layers, and look up or down. Then you will see the view of various time and space malting together.

I thought Justin’s labyrinth was similar to my labyrinth in a way it can be anywhere, anytime. Most of people presented libertine as a form of complicated map, but he didn’t.

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