Thursday, February 1, 2007

the labyrinth

What I understand from reading the Garden of Forking Paths and movie Pan’s Labyrinth.
Labyrinth is a place where different time periods and different places intersect. In the labyrinth there’s no boundary of time and location.
When people create labyrinth in his/her mind, people experience the labyrinth in imaginary world. Then, can we physically experience the labyrinth?

In class we went down subway station and walked the underground path. Is this experience the experience of labyrinth?
For me, it was a labyrinth.

I haven’t been down there before, and I didn’t know that the underground path connects city hall to Gallery.
I got the experience of being in the place where two different places intersect.

It was a labyrinth. Because two different places intersect, and I was physically separated from real world by being underground (I’m bike kids. .My real world is only on the surface of the earth.,) I think I was standing on somewhere I don’t know where I am, somewhere I cannot define by words (like saying ” I’m at the corner of Broad and Pine street.)

I’ve got this experience of labyrinth in Tokyo often. In Tokyo, layout of street is just like labyrinth. I often got lost on a street. I had no sense of direction, and didn’t know where the hell I’m going to. And I cannot tell anybody where I am now, because not all of the street has its name. It just bothered me a lot. But also it is a fun part of (and also, it is the point of, i think) walking the labyrinth. Get lost in labyrinth.

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