Thursday, February 8, 2007

Week 1 Map my week on T-shirt.

My T-shirts project consists two layers.
One: the T-shirt itself, which shows a tracking map of where I went.
Tow: projected image on the T shirt, which shows the point I locked my bike and small description of what I did. (a image on Flickr with note)

Each of the layers, by itself, does not tell what it is, but when it’s combined together, you can get a sense of what my week was.

My T-shirt project was about what to tell and not tell, what to carry and not carry.

As the nature of T-shirt (wearable things), recording my week on a T-shirts means I carry my information with me all the time, and people around us can reach to the information.

Thus, first, I started from thinking about what I want to tell people and what I do not want to tell.

As I presented in class, I am a person who ride bicycle to everywhere, and I proud to be bike kid.
I can tell anybody that I ride bicycle to anywhere, BUT I do not want to tell where I went yesterday or today. I did not want the T shirt to be surveillance of my life.
Thus the map on the T-shirt does not tell you specific data of where it is and when it was. It is just a line of my excursion.

Then I created different layer which tells people where I locked my bike and what I did. It is just a simple images(dots) and notes on Flickr. I it an abstract image because I tried to avoid to tell people that where on earth exactly I’m living. (simply you know, I don’t wanna put my address on the internet.)

Only when two layers are combined together, this map will make sense of what my week was. And I’m the only person who has access to the complete map (because I own the T-shirts). And it should be, I think. What I did and where I was is really private information.

response to other T shirt.
I think Sean’s T shirt is somehow same as mime. It is also a very personal information and abstract image. And only he can tell what it is. Also we both used line as a presentation of out week.

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