Thursday, February 8, 2007

interior space

I chose to change something on my desk. This desk occupy 1/5 of my tiny tiny tiny room and It is my study desk as well as dining table, and play area (internet, chat, etc ).

so it is before... and after...more photos

What I did is simply I get rid of things I didn’t used in one week, thus things on after picture are minimum things I need in one week out of messy stuffs.

What I need for one week.

Desk lights,
My Pentax,
My Holga
Three kinds of marker
Three kinds of black pen
One pencil
One post it
One ruler
Electric dictionary
Coffee, Coffee mug, and coaster.
Contact information,
Pin budges
Check out receipt
Advertisement from bicycle magazine says “Rediscover your childbike passion”

Things I didn’t need.
$3.82 of coins,
Pen, pen, pen, pen, pen, pen, pens
Two scissors
My pin hall camera
Card stand
Three kinds of glue
Two kinds of cutter
Shop cards
Old bicycle keys
35mm color film
One post it
Rip balm
Hard drive
DVD drive
Web cam.
...and stuffs.

Wow! I have so many stuff I don’t need on my desk. but still I feel uncomfortable to face to my desk without those stuffs.

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Nargiz said...

Mariko I love your page! It has inspired me to do some interesting posts on my page as well. If you check out my page and scroll down you'll see my video for our subway project. You should watch it, I think you'll like the sounds!