Thursday, February 8, 2007

Exterior space.

Okay I’m not the person who go out every Friday night, but this week I hang out with my friend, and went to party.
First we got together at my friend's house, and then we moved to the place.

That party was White T and White B.
More pics of drank people here.

Number of people who I newly met, and introduced my self: 5

Number of people who I danced with: 2

Number of contact info I got:1

And as usual (for me) I had a ordinary conversation about who I am.

After dancing while...

“So, I’m xx, nice to meet you”

“I’m Mariko”

“w, what? Ma...?”

“Mariko, M, A, R, I , K, O”

-practice to pronounce my name for a while-

“So, is it...what, Korean name?”

“No, It’s Japanese.”

“Oh, okay, sorry I cannot find the difference betw...”

“It’s okay”

“So how do you know that difference?”

“It’s OBVIOUSLY different.”


“ are......”

“I’m a student.”

“oh, so you go to Penn?”

“no, I go to Tmeple”


-When the person went to school other than Penn, They tend to show sense of affinity, like “oh cool, I went to Drexel” or “yes! I graduated form Temple”

“so you just be here for a semester or a year?”

“yes, I’ll be back in Tokyo this summer.”

Hey, why do people always think I’m Korean? and why do people always ask me if I go to Penn? then Why do people show sense of affinity when I say I’m Temple student? And how come people can know out of this short conversation I’m study abroad? (Oh, maybe that’s because my English is odd.)

Every time I had this conversation I realize the different layers of mask that I have which I’m not usually aware of the existence.

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